Les Produits Marée started with Marie-Pier and Audréanne teaming up, in September 2015. This project launched during our university studies, where we could introduce all we learned in school in a concrete and motivating project. As we always wanted to be entrepreneurs, we matched our strength to create a brand with local handmade products, with all our love.

Marée candles are made with eco-friendly soy wax that is cultivated organically. They do not contain toxic agents and are gentle for the environment. Soy wax lasts longer because its durability is 40 % more superior than other conventional waxes. The fragrances we use are also natural and are carefully chosen to offer you a getaway during your daily life.

Known for their soy wax handmade candles, Marée now offers a complete product line for home relaxation and well-being. All of the products are made with love and passion to offer you the best. Ingredients are naturals, gentle for the environment and we preach for a vegan production.

You will find gifts for every type of events and many products to treat yourself.